Roy Carter 
1926 - 1997
   The late Roy Carter among inductees to the SGMA 2011 Hall of Fame
Shirley and Les Beasley on Stage at the SGMA Hall of Fame Ceremony for Roy's induction, posthumously

Shirley and Les Beasley on Stage at the SGMA Hall of Fame Ceremony for Roy's induction, posthumously

Shirley's sister, Sherron, joins her on stage...

Shirley's sister, Sherron, joins her on stage...

Southern Gospel Times
The Late Roy Carter Among 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Pidgeon Forge, TN (October 6, 2011) - Shirley Carter and Sherron Carter-Martin attended the induction of their late father Roy Carter (1926-1998), originally of Calumet, Okla., into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame at Dollywood recently in Pigeon Forge, TN.

“Roy Carter took over the role as bass singer for the Chuck Wagon Gang in 1952,” said Charlie Waller, executive director. “Roy’s arrival came at an important turning point in the group’s history. The ‘Chucks’ had recently begun making personal appearances, after years of being almost exclusively a radio and recording quartet.

With Dad Carter now past the age of sixty, the role of manager and emcee was quickly thrust upon Roy Carter, he said. “It was a job that Roy would fill admirably for the next forty years. He led the Chuck Wagon Gang into the mainstream of Southern Gospel touring, all the while following his father’s stage advice to keep the sound simple and build on the tradition that had made the group popular in the first place. Few groups in Southern Gospel has made a greater impact on the industry or touched more people.

“According to Waller, Roy also wrote a number of popular gospel songs; among them “I’m Going to Rise Up and Meet Him in the Air”, “The Early Morning Hours” and “My Wonderful God”.
He retired from singing and touring in the early 1990s. Greater Vision played tribute to him by performing their hit “Never Been.”

Carter said she continues his legacy by introducing a new group called Carter Crossing.

Shirley Carter shared the rest of the acceptance in the prospective of her late father if he was there. She traveled and sang with him in the Chuck Wagon Gang.

“Since the founding of this group by my pioneering Dad, D.P. Carter in 1936, it grew into a love and tradition that grew into a way of life afforded me by my family and my precious wife Thada,” she said. “The songs I wrote, the shows I performed and the deep felt feelings with which I gave were inspired by God. I owe it all to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

“The many years of blessings I received from having made these choices have led me into countless homes with fans at their dinner tables, thousands of letters needing prayer and comfort, and more than thousands of handshakes, pictures and autographs with the people that loved and supported my efforts,” she said. “I took something with me each time, which became another thread into whom I have become, each time wondering if I had made a difference. It has been not only a great deal of sacrifice from my family but a whole lot of fun. I thank everyone for all your parts in it.”
She said the family was first gospel group to appear at Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl opposite the Beach Boys and was honored in a Smithsonian Institution musical collection.

The other members of the 2011 SGMA Hall of Fame class are Bob Brumley, Doris Akers, Doyle Blackwood, Kenny Gates, Jerry Kirksey, Opal Lester and Willie Wynn.


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